List of Outstanding Felicitations to Dr KPS

  1.  The Trustees of IICT Memphis nominated him as 'Asthana Vidwan' on 2nd Apr 2010
  2.  Sri Vasudevanandagiri Swami of SriLalithaPeetham offered 'Suvarna Ghanta Kankan' on 1 Aug 1998
  3.  Sri Vasudevanandagiri Swami of SriLalithaPeetham conducted 'Kankabhishekam' on 13 Dec 1999
  4.  Dr Kps is exceptioanlly honoured with 'Gandha Penderam' on 3rd Nov 2002
  5.  Sri Ganpathi Sachidananda Swami of DattaPeetham nominated him as 'Ashtana Vidwan on 29 May 2005
  6.  Sri Ganpathi Sachidananda Swami of DattaPeetham presented a 'Nava Ratna Ring' on 11 Jan 2004
  7.  Andhra Pradesh state Govt honoured him with 'Ugadi Puraskar' on 21 Mar 2004
  8.  Andhra Pradesh state Govt honoured him with'Best Teacher Award' on 5th Sep 2004
  9.  The Honourable Collector of Krishna Dist felicitated him on 15 Aug 2005
  10.  DR KPS is celebrated as the 'Maha Vidwan' in Krishna Mahostav on 28 Jan 2006
  11.  Satavahana College accredited Dr KPS as 'Best teacher' on 23rd Feb 2005
  12.  On 30th Anniversary of Satavahana College, he is Honoured with 'Silver Memento' on 5th Feb 2005
  13.  Satavahana College Secretary Sri Satya Narayana presented DR KPS with Price Money
   Dr Kps received honors from the following Spiritual Leaders

  1.  Avadhootha Datta Peethadhipathi Sri Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachidanandha Swami
  2.  Kurthalam Sri Siddheswari Peethadhipathi Sri Sri Sri Siva Sachidanandha Bharathi Swami
  3.  Gannavaram Sri Bhuvaneswari Peethadhipathi Sri Sri Sri Chidananda Bharathi Swami
  4.  Guntur Sri Srungeri Viroopaksha Sri Sri Sri Siva kalyananda Swami
  5.  Pedapulipaka Sri Lalitha Peethadhipathi Sri Sri Sri VasuDevananada giri Swami
  6.  Tadepalli Sri Chaitanaya Tapovanam Trust Peethadhipathi Sri Sri Sri Mata Siva Chaitanya
  7.  Namburu Sri Kali Gardens Sri Sri Sri Chandra kali Mata
  8.  Vijayawada Sri Lalitha Peetadhipati Sri Sri Sri Mata Siva Leela
   Purskar to Dr KPS from the following Government Dignitaries and Organizations

  1.  Sri Naval Kishore Kumar Sharma, Resp. Governor, Gujarat
  2.  Sri T.N.Chaturvedi, Resp.Governor, Karnataka
  3.  Sri D. Sripada Rao, Resp. Speaker, Andhra Pradesh
  4.  Janab M.K Baig, Resp. Central Technical Education Minister
  5.  Sri Devineni Nehru, Resp.Technical Education Minister, Andhra Pradesh
  6.  Sri Jalagam Prasada Rao Resp.Miniister, Andhra Pradesh
  7.  Sri Upendra, Resp.Central minister
  8.  Rasa Bharathi Literary Association
  9.  All India Agricultural and Industrial Society, Krishan Dist,Andhra Pradesh
 More accolades from Government

  1.  Commisioner, Temple welfare department, AP issued a rule to 6 temples to preserve the books of Dr KPS as authnetic reference.
  2.  'Aradhana' the literary monthly magazine of temple Welefar Department printed the literature of Dr KPS as a series in his honour.
  3.  Nearly 100 copies of the Best seller 'Aatma Sakshatkaramu' of Dr KPS garu is reserved to be saved in all Libraries of Central   Languauge department in assocaition with central Human Resource depart.This is a huge honour for an author to be recognized in all India level.

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